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Vuichard Techniques

We have found a couple of ways to prevent accidents.

The Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery

The function of the Vuichard Recovery Technique is shown in the following


Video demonstration

With the following video you can see the impacts in real life.


Special thanks to:

Mr Bruno Bagnoud, Air-Glaciers, Owner and CEO Switzerland, www.air-glaciers.ch
Mr Hans-Ruedi, Amrhein Valair AG, Owner and CEO Switzerland, www.valair.ch
Mr Martin Bäbler, AERIALSTAGE®, Aerial Camera Operator, www.aerialstage.com
Film Realisation: bsv-production GmbH, www.bsv-production.ch


The visionary himself! A great privilege to have met in Fribourg, Switzerland, with the creator of the Vuichard Recovery technique applied in Vortex Ring State situations; and an icon in the helicopter flying world, Vuichard Claude. Amazing man with an amazing vision for helicopter safety globally. – Facebook, 21.02.2016
Werner Barkhuizen, Pilot
Dear Claude, since over 25 years, I working here as aviation engineer, program manager and pilot for procurement and certification officer at armasuisse, Swiss Defence Procurement Agency and have to do with designated and qualified experts in Aviation, test pilots, instructors, scientists all over the world, but I have never seen such a highly competent and highly experienced pilot and flight Instructor met like you!
With your knowledge gained, about your new Claude Vuichard Vortex-Recovery Method you set new safety standards in the World in emergency helicopter procedures. It shows your incredible skills and enormous flight technical knowledge and your incredible experience in helicopter flying’s (log over 16’000 flight hours). This new Vortex Recovery Method should find application worldwide, to reduce ubiquitous vortex accidents. I want to say, thank you to you, it is an great honor and I am very proud to working with you , thank you Claude and good Luck in the US! – Facebook, 29.02.2016
René Wittwer, Leader of Alouette Swiss Team

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